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Cream multibuys

AoR Reflexology cream, Unfragranced AoR cream and Relaxing Cream - 3 Bottles


Multipack of 3 creams:

1 x AoR Reflexology Cream 200ml
1 x AoR Unfragranced Reflexology Cream 200ml
1 x Relaxing Cream 200ml

Relaxing Cream 200ml - 3 bottles


We are delighted to introduce this lovely NEW product! AoR Relaxing cream with organic aloe vera, shea butter and calendula extract. Infused with organic lavender and a touch of tea tree.

Unfragranced AoR Reflexology Cream 200ml - 3 bottles


This unfragranced cream has no addition of aromatherapy oils but still has a very light fragrance that comes naturally from the ingredients. It’s smell is reminiscent of baby products.
This would be perfect to use on children, men and whenever you feel uncomfortable in using any aromatherapy oils at all, such as for pregnant clients in their first trimester. Alternatively it would also be great to use if you as a therapist dislike the smell of the original, or have allergies to aromatherapy oils.

AoR Reflexology Cream 200ml - 3 bottles


A pure and natural cream, inspired by reflexologists for professional reflexology treatments.
It contains rosemary, geranium, lavender and a touch of lemongrass for freshness
(these are at less than 1% of the product and so should be at safe levels.)
Even though the essential oils in the cream are below therapeutic levels, we would still suggest using the unscented cream for Maternity clients particularly in the first trimester

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