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NEW DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexology: supporting your client through the conception and maternity journey. Sally Earlam with Tracey Smith and other contributors


Due to popular demand we are having our Conception Guide and Maternity Guide published as one book; this is a 180 page dowloadable colour book which is an invaluable resource for reflexologists who have an interest in working with clients who are trying to conceive and those that are pregnant.
This downloadable book is packed full of useful information and covers the biology, lifestyle factors, common symptoms, contra-indications and of course plenty of reflexology techniques for:

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexology for Tots to Teens - A reflexologists guide


We have put this guide together in the hope of encouraging more reflexologists to work with our wonderful young generation. Working with both babies and children is an area that is becoming more popular and we are delighted to share the experiences and top tips from experts in the field of reflexology for tots to teens including Sue Ricks, Jenny Lee, Lorraine Senior, Susan Quayle, Elizabeth Calderara and more!

This 87 page guide covers the issue of consent for children, developmental stages, common conditions and of course reflexology for all ages from babies to teens.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: A guide for reflexologists Healthy Ageing


To achieve a successful wellbeing business we cannot afford to ignore a large and growing proportion of our society - those that are ageing. To be fully inclusive we need to respect the different challenges that ageing can bring and appreciate the areas where reflexology will be of benefit. This booklet has been put together to explain what ageing is, from both physical and societal aspects. It highlights possible complications that this age group may bring to your reflexology practice and provides helpful advice and guidance.



Are you itching to undertake research? Well here's the research pack ready for sale. All the information to get you started.
Please note the research list is now out of date. Tracey Smith, Reflexology Support Manager can be contacted on 01823 364952 for current research information.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Stress A Reflexologist's Guide


An information resource to allow you to be aware of how all-emcompassing stress can be and how many biological systems it affects.
Stress is particularly important because we are being restricted in what we can say courtesy of the Advertising Standards Authority, but they do let us say that reflexology 'helps relax; improves mood; aids sleep; helps relieve tension and improves a sense of well-being'. Once you have read this booklet you will see just how important those effects are on the reduction of stress and how reducing stress can itself benefit the individual greatly.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Hints and tips on 'Growing your Business' Booklet


At the AoR we are aware of what a difficult economic climate it is for our practising members at the moment. To lend a helping hand we have gathered vital hints and tips on 'Growing your Business' from marketing experts and successful therapists into a short information booklet. The 'Growing your Business' booklet also includes advice regarding marketing to men, who make up 49% of the population.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexions Conditions E- Booklet- Fifth in series


Condition Booklet 5 covers Fibromyalgia, Autism & Asperger's Syndrome, Stroke, Lupus and Arthritis. All articles are from previously published information in Reflexions.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexions Conditions E- Booklet- Fourth in series


Previously published information in Reflexions but in one easy access booklet. It covers pregnancy and childbirth, Migraine, PCOS and Thyroid.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexions Conditions E- Booklet- Third in series


Previously published information in Reflexions but in one easy access booklet. It covers Diabetes, Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis, Cancer and Insomnia.
Please note that some of the % signs are not appearing in this document. We apologise for any problems this may cause.

DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT: Reflexions Conditions E-Booklet- Second in series


Previously published information in Reflexions but in one easy access booklet. It covers Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, M.E and HIV/Aids.
This is a downloadable booklet and not a hard copy.


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