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*CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK* Reflexology for Tots to Teens leaflets - pack of 100


This leaflet is designed in three sections to promote the use of reflexology for babies, young children and teenagers; if we can get more children having reflexology from an early age this could be one way of helping our children cope in the future!

The key message to parents is 'Why not give it a try - what have they got to lose?

Reflexology: Supporting you through your conception journey leaflets - pack of 100


We have had many members requesting that this leaflet be brought back - we have listened and are pleased to let you know these are now back in stock!

In the UK we have increasing numbers of both couples reporting issues with conception, and those seeking assisted conception. These are areas that many reflexologists work successfully in.

This leaflet outlines the benefits of reflexology for both natural conception and assisted conception and is a great one to consider leaving in your practice or workplace.

Men's Health: Ways to improve your health and wellbeing leaflets - pack of 100


It is still a fact that most of us see more female clients for reflexology than we do male, yet there are interesting facts that suggest men need to build in stress management and lifestyle factors into their lives, perhaps even more than women do:

"One fact remains true and that is that men on average die younger than women. This men's health disadvantage does not appear to be a biological inevitability as there is variability; In Latvia men die on average 11 years earlier than women yet in Iceland it is only 3 years.

Reflexology - Supporting you through pregnancy informational leaflets - pack of 100


This information leaflet has been designed for you to use to attract pregnant woman or to hand out to current pregnant clients. It talks about the benefits of Reflexology throughout pregnancy for emotional and physical well being and quotes the research that has shown that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour, reduced the length of the first stage of labour and improved quality of sleep in post-natal women.

Women's Health and Reflexology informational leaflets - pack of 100


As therapists we are aware that many women now appear to be living incredibly busy and stressful lives and if stress is present for long periods this can have a detrimental effect on their bodies and also hormone balance. We also know how beneficial reflexology can be and this leaflet has been designed to spread that message. It includes: • An introduction to stress in women’s lives and how this can disrupt hormone levels and wellbeing. • Some general lifestyle advice for women. • States how reflexology may help e.g.

Stress Self help for Reflexology Clients informational leaflets - pack of 100


This has been one of our most popular leaflets over the last few years and it has now been updated and re-designed to include a bit more information for your clients; explaining how stress affects the body potentially leaving us feeling 'frazzled' and in the longer term affecting both physical and emotional health.

Aftercare Advice: Getting the most out of your treatment leaflets - pack of 100


This trifold leaflet has been made available for you to provide to your clients. It allows you to explain any simple hand reflexology moves that you wish to give your clients for homework to augment and support themselves between treatments. This leaflet includes hand maps so you can mark up the areas you want them to treat, space for any aftercare you recommend and information on aftercare and possible treatment reactions.

The Art of Reflexology leaflets - pack of 100


Are you looking for a leaflet that gives reliable general information about reflexology, which has been checked by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP)? No problem – we have just the leaflet for you. Our best-selling Art of Reflexology leaflets give advice you can trust on what reflexology is, whether it is suitable for your client, whether it can help your client and much more, all fully checked by the CAP to ensure you stay safely within the advertising guidelines…and they’re cheaper than printing your own leaflets, too!

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