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AoR Approved Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource - Online Revision Tool - Essential Training Solutions


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AoR Approved Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource
Reflexology Quizzes - Case Studies - Downloadable Reference - Reflexology Video Clips

This Reflexology Question Bank and Online Resource, approved by the Association of Reflexologists, combines self-testing with revision. From a self-testing perspective, there are 6 reflexology quizzes. Each randomly draws thought provoking questions from question banks. Each reflexology quiz can be repeated any number of times.
The reflexology quizzes are:
•Introduction to Reflexology
•History of Reflexology
•The Principle of Reflexology
•The Treatment and Safety
•Conditions (Amenorrhoea - Hypotension)
•Conditions (Hypothyroidism - Vertigo)
There are also reflexology Case Study Questions and Answers. This is in the form of a download and it contains details about 20 fictitious clients/situations. Each is followed by a number of questions and you have to decide what action to take. You can literally practice your judgment on these clients from the comfort of your armchair!
This package also includes downloadable reflexology resources for students and qualified therapists. There are 4 great reference PDFs to download:
1.Safety - including contraindications and precautions
2.Conditions - giving the definition, possible causes, general signs and symptoms, primary target area, areas of assistance and holistic advice for 82 conditions, plus information about common foot conditions
3.Association of Reflexologists' Foot Charts
4.A fantastic Glossary of 100s of Reflexology (and basic anatomy and physiology) terms
Last but certainly not least, there are also 27 reflexology video clips! Each reflexology video clip is supported by text to further describe the technique. These range from demonstrating the creeping thumb movement and basic foot holds for beginners, to more complicated relaxation techniques that the more experienced therapist can incorporate into the treatment sequence.
You can sign-on to your course from any PC at any time - in college or at home. All your quiz scores are saved in your grade book so you can easily track your progress. Also, as a member of our Online Learning Environment, you will have access to our news forum and blogs to share your ideas/tips with other users.
Minimum System/Software Requirements:
System Requirements
• Windows 98 (Windows 7 Compatible)
• Mac OS X
• Broadband internet connection
Software Requirements
• Internet Explorer 6 / Firefox 1.2 (JavaScript & Cookies must be enabled)
• Adobe PDF Reader
• Microsoft Word