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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: The Essential Anatomy & Physiology CD & Manual Combo Pack - Discount Code AORPACK


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This comprehensive package contains ALL OF The Elementary Guide and then takes the subject to a Level 3. As well as providing the detailed information required to meet a Level 3 syllabus, Essential Anatomy & Physiology also presents over 600 self-testing questions, concise system summaries that are ideal for that panic revision, unlabelled graphics to practise with, plus a full glossary of terms. The CD uses proven e-learning techniques to maintain interaction and interest, and the manual is set out as a true training manual, with clear text and page layout. In both formats each body system is explained logically and knowledge it built up step-by-step. The comprehensive, coherent explanations, combined with clarity of delivery, help make the subject less daunting whilst encouraging learning and aiding retention. The Essential Anatomy & Physiology CD comprehensively covers all the body systems. This highly popular and successful product has already propelled hundreds of students to exam success. It includes approximately 650 questions for self-testing, an extensive glossary, and comes with two additional files - one that contains all the body system summaries (for that last minute panic revision!) and the other contains a pack of 50+ unlabelled anatomical graphics. The content of this CD ROM is also available as a part of our Online Plus. Even if it is the CD ROM version that you require, do take a quick look now at the online demonstration available here. Although the presentation speed will be affected by your internet connection (not so with the CD ROM), the tutorial is identical. The demonstration allows you to take a topic from each body system, list all the topics that are included, and get a good feel for the product.