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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Everyday Techniques DVD by Sue Ricks


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This DVD contains four great techniques that are suitable for anyone and everyone. These techniques enable you to feel safe, grounded and create the life you desire. The techniques included are:- The Hot Air Balloon, The Bubble, The Pyramid Safety technique and Energy Follows Thought. These techniques are easy to understand and follow. They are techniques that many say that they wish they had learnt earlier in life! They make life so much easier, relaxing and fulfilling. The DVD contains advice on how to stay grounded, how to stop being affected by the environment around you, being aware of how you think affects the things you create in your life and also how to release unwanted thoughts, behaviour patterns, regrets and unwanted issues. This general all purpose DVD is suitable for personal use or for practitioners to share with their clients. The information is provided via demonstrations, guided information and visualisation. Sue speaks to the viewer directly and provides a one to one approach as she explains what to do and how it works.

Run Time - 27 mins