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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Gentle Touch Reflexology Hand Chart by Sue Ricks


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Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology Hand Chart
Hand Reflexology Chart in Full Colour showing detailed information on Reflex points.
A beautiful, colourful and well defined chart showing the Reflexology points for both right and left hands. This poster is ideal as a guide to where all the reflex points can be found on the hand.
• Each hand is shown with both the palmar and dorsal aspects (palm up and down) in order to show the reflex points for both views of the hands.
• The charts also show how the areas of the body and hands relate to the chakras and energy systems.
It is Perfect for:-
• Quick and easy reference.
• Your own use or for issuing to your clients
• Clinic or Salon display.
• A quick reminder of where the Reflex points can be found on the hands.
• Students Knowledge
Sizes available - A6, A5, A4, A3 and A2 (pricing varies with size)